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  • Jazz History, Culture, Community
  • Jazz History, Culture, Community

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Few Americans have lived a life so momentous as Bing Crosby’s. His enormous popularity spread across virtually every entertainment medium in existence during his time, particularly during the 1940’s, America’s most consequential 20th Century era. Much of this issue of Jerry Jazz Musician is devoted to the 1940’s, and is anchored by our interview with Crosby biographer Gary Giddins, whose acclaimed book Swinging on a Star: The War Years, 1940 – 1946 is now in book stores everywhere.

This issue also features a collection of poetry devoted to the World War II era; a new edition of “Reminiscing in Tempo,” in which the question “What are 3 or 4 of your favorite jazz recordings of the 1940’s” is posed to Rickie Lee Jones, Chick Corea, Tom Piazza and others; and two new audio histories produced by “Joys of Jazz” host Bob Hecht, who tells the story of the song “I’ll Be Seeing You,” and of the friendship of Crosby and Louis Armstrong.


"What Are 3 or 4 of Your Favorite Jazz Recordings of the 1940's?"

Chick Corea, Rickie Lee Jones, Tom Piazza, Gary Giddins, Randy Brecker, Michael Cuscuna, Terry Teachout and others participate in this edition of “Reminiscing in Tempo.”

World War II Era in Poetry

Eight poets — John Stupp, Aurora Lewis, Michael L. Newell, Robert Nisbet, Alan Yount, Roger Singer, dan smith and Joan Donovan — write about the era of World War II

Bob Hecht's "Joys of Jazz" - Vol. 1

In this edition, Hecht tells two stories; the history of the virtual anthem of World War II, “I’ll Be Seeing You,” and the friendship and musical rapport of Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong.

New Short Fiction Award

Hannah Draper of Ottawa, Ontario is the winner of the 49th Jerry Jazz Musician New Short Fiction Award.  Her story is “Will You Play For Me?”

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"HIgh Notes," a short story by Shan Richardson

I drifted off into the best sleep I’ve had in weeks. In months even. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to

Thankful…for poetry (and poets)

So many great poetry submissions of late, for which I am incredibly thankful.  The spirit within every poem received

"The Man Who Lives in My Head" -- a short story by Luke Bergvist

It’s a serious dilemma: deal with the hangover or learn to drink in a way that you’ll never end up in that position.

"For Chet Baker, Trumpet Player, at Age Twenty Four" -- a poem by Alan Yount

I saw a picture
of you, in 1954
on the today t.v. show
with host dave garroway.
you both
looked so happy.

Historic Venues: Detroit’s Graystone Ballroom

The Graystone Ballroom 4237 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Michigan _____ On February 27, 1922, when dancing in giant ballrooms was wildly popular, Detroit’s…

Jazz History Quiz #120

Eddie Condon _____ During a 1927 session with the McKenzie-Condon Chicagoans, he became the first musician to use a full drum set on records. Who is he?…

Reminiscing in Tempo: “What are 3 or 4 of your favorite jazz recordings of the 1940’s?”

Photo William Gottlieb Charlie Parker is frequently found on the lists of noted critics and musicians answering the question, “What are 3 or 4 of your favorite jazz record recordings…

“Uncle Joey Blows Trombone at Le Jazz Hot” – a short story by Lawrence J. Klumas

Uncle Joey Blows Trombone at Le Jazz Hot by Lawrence J. Klumas _____ You would think that for such a momentous occasion my memory would be…