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“The Weight of Love” — a poem by dan smith


Linda King and Charles Bukowski





The Weight of Love

                            ( for Anita K. )


You were reading Bukowski.
The trio was playing Imagine.
Pretty sounds for our satisfaction.
I said Bukowski was a tough mother.
You said are you talkin’ to me?
I pointed to some John Dorsey.
Said check it out.
You said is it like Bukowski?
I said sorta.
In what way you asked?
The Love-
The weight of the love
I replied.






dan smith is the author of two chapbooks: Crooked River and The Liquid of Her Skin, the Suns of Her Eyes published by Deep Cleveland Press and Night Ballet Press respectively. He has been published in the Rhysling  Anthology, Dwarf Stars, Scifaikuest, Renegade Flowers: d.a. levy in the Digital Revolution,  Kaleidotrope, Zen of the Dead and Lupine Lunes published by Popcorn Press, microcosms, Red Fez, Hedgerow: A Journal of Small Poems and Failed Haiku to name a few.