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“Has Tenor, Will Travel” — a poem (for Stan Getz), by Freddington



Has Tenor, Will Travel
(for Stan Getz)

Like syrup on pancakes,
His solos pour out,
Languid and melodic,
Effortless at any tempo.
A sweetheart tone,
Rooted in the past,
Pure as a sunbeam in the upper register,
Agile and bright enough,
to shine through a cloudy day.
It’s a leisurely view,
Like a cat,
Stretched out in the sun,
When interested, glancing around,
When inspired, turning up the heat,
Spitting fire with the best there was,
Through the turmoil of Bebop,
The tranquility of the Bossa Nova,
Following the winds of Jazz,
Sailing in style,
In topsiders and a crew neck collar,
The gin and tonic on deck,
First class all the way.




Freddington works as a shipper/receiver in Toronto, Canada, and has been a lifelong jazz fan ever since he was “corrupted” as a teenager by Charles Mingus’ “Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting.”





Getz in 1983