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A collection of poetry celebrating love and jazz




Yusef Lateef and She

by Ed Coletti

Her splintering heart,
“Ma, he
makin’ eyes at

“Alto breakin’
waves on me,
on me!”

No ambiguity
all clarity,
“It me, Ma,
his eyes for me.

“Ma, his sax
stop for the piano”
swings again,

he back
for me,

“Ain’t that jazz
It all for

‘bout me
but for

“His gift
this jazz,
it all
over me.”





For Stan Getz

by Ed Coletti

Where the Volga flows
your sweet tenor woes
your Stan Getzness
never forgets us
with this Russian rose.

Sets my soul aflame
no matter your acclaim,
riffing riffing always riffing
whatever’s done is now forgiven,
Sonia was her name.

Your horn’s eternal cries
make me fantasize,
what a tender bride
what a frantic ride,
her dark flashing eyes

Those eyes that hypnotize
those deep Brazilian sighs
Orfeo seeks his stolen love
peace has lost its moaning dove,
Discover her before love dies.




Ed Coletti is a poet widely published internationally and he curates the popular blog “No Money In Poetry.”  Additionally, Ed is a painter. middling chess player, and harmonica player.  He lives with his wife Joyce in Santa Rosa, California.  His upcoming book is titled Apollo Blue’s Hard and The Gods of Spring.