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A collection of poetry celebrating love and jazz


“The Kiss” by Miles Davis



My Funny Valentine

by Henry Denander


The first flat of my own in Stockholm was
really small but in a nice area on one of
the islands south of the old town.

My girlfriend often stayed with me,
since her own flat was way out
in the suburbs.

The two of us never rang the
doorbell but used
the squeaking mail slot in the door;
when it was opened slowly it made a sound that
could be heard in the flat
and made you rush to the door.
You knew who was there.

Years later, we have been
married for some time,
having dinner in our new flat
listening to a recording of
Miles Davis
playing at Philharmonic Hall in New York
in 1964.

My Funny Valentine

Suddenly, half way into the song,
we both look up and listen,
Miles Davis is improvising and
playing a
the exact
of that
squeaking mail slot

We smile
and feel proud
to share
this small secret
with Miles.







by Gannon Daniels

You reached out with a pack of camels but I refused one.
We had both stepped out of the hall where we
were listening to Miles’ dizzying rants of fusion.
Ha, I said, and all the while I was under a delusion
that any mix wasn’t pure; an ultimate intrusion.
Not so, you said, they all toyed— perhaps it
is a paradox; the grand jazz illusion?
You set me straight with pure Pettiford and
Parker’s pumice— clearly I had had some confusion.
You reminded me Mary Lou’s ventures were classical.
I pardoned my intrusion and took a cigarette this time.
I wondered if you’d like to go see some blues on
7th Avenue? You smiled, nodded, took my arm
and thanked me for the allusion.





Henry Denander is semi-retired, and spends some of his time writing poetry and creating art. This portrait of Miles Davis and others like it can be seen on his blog. Click here to visit it.





Gannon Daniels is an adjunct English instructor at Glendale College and La Mission College. Her poetry has been published in several journals over the years; including RATTLE, Cimarron Review, Sanskrit, and Drunk Monkeys. She hopes to publish her second book of poems in 2018. Her first book is entitled The Occupying Water.