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A collection of poetry celebrating love and jazz




jazzy blue love

by Mike Faran



a bubble of a moon shines
quiet sapphire
into your eyes as we walk
down to Renee’s
and we can hear the clarinet from here

This is one of the times I’m
happy not to own a car & to have an
open-minded girl
willing to taste jazz music

I squeeze your warm hand &
attempt to explain the fundamentals of
this beautiful stuff

but realize that there ain’t none

So we walk in the neon-lit night & as we
the wail of a trumpet becomes
more distinct & yet

fails to define itself
beyond the fact that another world exists
for you





by Mike Faran



Dancing with you
I’m not aware that one leg is
shorter than the other
or perhaps one leg is longer
than the other,

but I do know that you are
painfully conscious of it
though we glide like an
autumn breeze;
we own this dance-floor!

One shoe is custom-made for
the other a bright red stiletto.

We sit down, order fresh
cocktails and hold hands across
the small table;
a dark red candle flickers.

I see a lazy tear coursing your
cheek and I kiss it away.
You squeeze my hands tighter,

and I ask for the last dance –

the barefoot dance on the moonlit
sands of Zuma Beach,
where we have the jazz-music of
the surf.

You smile and nod with the beauty
and bravery of a child.



no more music baby doll

by Mike Faran



it all caught fire
burned up in the summer night

did you hear it?

chords popping here
a string singing there

i’m sorry. i love you. forgive me.

some people will make it
some creative creatures

will one day emerge from
inspired by long restless nights of
rhythm & blues. but

the blues will come later

you know this
more than i do baby doll




Mike Faran lived in Ventura, Ca. as a retired lobster trap builder. He is the author of We Go To A Fire (Penury Press) and is a Pushcart Prize nominee. His work has been published in Atlanta Review, Rattle, The Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, and Slant.

Mike passed away in December, 2017