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“Coldest Winter Night” — a poem by Ed Coletti

Mal Waldron




Coldest Winter Night


When Miles Davis gets back into his mood
I go where I need to be in my own
somewhere in or near Matt Waldron’s Love Span
over the River Tender where moons flow
reflecting piano keys rippling night
droplets break break surface tension
golden on black like an Asian dark dripping
sentence where Keith Jarrett cools you
a younger tribute with his sad perfect
vision  captured in moonlight from a
heavily darker onyx winter’s night
colder than bone-shiver or breathless river
January’s paean to solitude at its center.








Ed Coletti is a poet widely published internationally and he curates the popular blog “No Money In Poetry.”  Additionally, Ed is a painter. middling chess player, and harmonica player.  He lives with his wife Joyce in Santa Rosa, California.  His upcoming book is titled Apollo Blue’s Hard and The Gods of Spring.




Ed has informed me that he lost his Santa Rosa, California home to the fire that has devastated so much of Northern California.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ed and his family and friends affected by this tragedy…