• This edition of “Great Encounters” tells the story of the evening of the 1963 Grammy Awards, when Woody Herman met Bill Evans

  • When Miles Davis gets back into his mood
    I go where I need to be in my own
    somewhere in or near Matt Waldron’s Love Span
    over the River Tender where moons flow

  • The feature, titled “Bill Evans:  Intellect. Emotion. Communication” is an entertaining and (unsurprisingly) intelligent read, involving thoughts about the poetry of William Blake, Zen philosophy, being “anti-hipster”, life in Louisiana, his time with Miles Davis, golf, how the army shook up his confidence, and his own philosophy



  • The publication of Arya Jenkins’ “VOODOO RUN” is the twelfth in a series of short stories she has been commissioned to write for Jerry Jazz Musician.

  • Great Encounters #50
  • "Coldest Winter Night" - a poem by Ed Coletti
  • The December 1960 Down Beat story on Bill Evans
  • "Voodoo Run" - A short story by Arya Jenkins
Features » In Memoriam

Dizzy is 100 today

Dizzy Gillespie — born 100 years ago today — recalls his childhood in this excerpt from his 1979 autobiography, To BE, or not…to BOP




The pictures show me as a very beautiful boy, but I was the last of nine children and my arrival probably didn’t excite anybody. So many people had been born at our house before. I don’t think Mama felt too blessed about having nine children, unless “blessed” means “wounded” like it does in French. She probably figured someone had put the bad mouth on us.

Every Sunday morning, Papa would whip us. That’s mainly how I remember him. He was unusually mean; and hated to see or hear about his

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Features » A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time: Artie Shaw and Roy Eldridge, 1944

In the fall of 1944, shortly following his medical discharge from the Navy, Artie Shaw formed a 17 piece band (without strings) that featured Barney Kessel on guitar, Dodo Marmarosa on piano, Ray Coniff on trombone, and the brilliant trumpeter Roy Eldridge, famous for his work with Gene Krupa’s band in the early 1940’s.  The band, according to noted critic Leonard Feather, was “quite impressive” and exhibited “a refreshing lack of bad taste and bombast.”

This era of Shaw’s band resulted in several excellent recordings, among them

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Quiz Show » Jazz History Quiz

Jazz History Quiz #103

This pianist was a founding member of the Jazz Epistles, and was nicknamed “South Africa’s Monk”?  Who is he?


Phineas Newborn

Ahmad Jamal

Randy Weston

Albert Ammons

Dollar Brand

Roland Hanna


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