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  • Jazz History, Culture, Community
  • Jazz History, Culture, Community

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The Fall, 2019 collection of jazz poetry features an array of talented and soulful poets…The work of these 28 poets is living proof that the energy and spirit of jazz is alive — and quite well.  (Featuring the art of Russell Dupont)


Also in this issue…”Random Blonde” — a short story by Zandra Renwick — is the winning entry in the 52nd edition of the Jerry Jazz Musician Short Fiction Contest…New editions of Veryl Oakland’s “Jazz in Available Light” and Michael Jarrett’s “Pressed For All Time,” and much more…


photo of Jackie McLean by Veryl Oakland

Veryl Oakland’s “Jazz in Available Light” — photos (and stories) of Mal Waldron, Jackie McLean and Joe Henderson

In this edition, Veryl Oakland’s photographs and stories feature Mal Waldron, Jackie McLean and Joe Henderson

"Jazz Samba"/Verve Records

“Pressed for All Time,” Vol. 4 — producer Creed Taylor on the 1962 album, Jazz Samba

In this edition, excerpted from Michael Jarrett’s Pressed For All Time, legendary producer Creed Taylor remembers the 1962 Stan Getz recording, Jazz Samba

Photo/CC0 Public Doman

Short Fiction Contest-winning story #52 — “Random Blonde,” by Zandra Renwick

…..I’ve been bitter a long time. It’s like sucking a wedge of lemon on and on and on, pulp disintegrating, everything dissolving until the flavor turns mellow and mild, almost sweet. I’ve been bitter so long it’s hard to know anymore how anything should feel…

Photo by William Gottlieb/Library of Congress

Great Encounters: When Johnny Hodges met Sidney Bechet

In this edition of “Great Encounters,” Con Chapman, author of Rabbit’s Blues: The Life and Music of Johnny Hodges, writes about Hodges’ early musical training, and the first meeting he had with Sidney Bechet, the influential and legendary reed player who Hodges called “tops in my book.”

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