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“Space Age Greetings” — a letter to President Trump, from Sun Ra

Space Age Greetings, President Trump:

I am reaching outwards to you from outer space, the other side of nowhere.  (It is a place we both call home).    

I come bringing harmony in the face of the planet’s doom, which I predicted long ago, when I lived on Earth.

I believe you are throwing out a certain vibration that may bring about Earth’s doom.  When I lived on that planet I once said that “knowledge is laughable when attributed to a human being.”  But, I am thinking that under the circumstances, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea for you to acquire some knowledge. 

I wrote something once that I believe can apply to you:

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Masters of Jazz Photography — Val Wilmer

In honor of the late jazz photographer Lee Tanner, Jerry Jazz Musician presents a number of editions of “Master of Jazz Photography,” featuring a work by one of the photographers featured in Tanner’s book The Jazz Image.

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