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“Nina” — a poem by Luis Lazaro Tijerina

Eunice Kathleen Waymon, also known as
Nina Simone — I hear you now —
O no one has ever been Blue like you!
So long, Miss Blue, your ways more blue than indigo,
your heart that sung to piano jazz in hot notes
that fell like a shower of stars, dazzling the
shadows of the night…
No other woman sang

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“Hollywood’s Fake Version of Nina Simone”

In an opinion piece titled “Hollywood’s Fake Version of Nina Simone,” the New York Times’ Brent Staples takes on the decision to cast Zoe Saldana as Ms. Simone in the upcoming film Nina. The casting controversy involves whether or not Ms. Saldana’s skin is dark enough, especially considering that, as Staples writes, “Ms. Simone’s embrace of her blackness was essential to both her art and who she was as a person, and that any number of talented

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On Nina Simone

In the Sunday, June 21 New York Times, Salamishah Tillet writes, “Fifty years after her prominence, Nina Simone is now reaching her peak.” The three new films she has inspired, along with a tribute album and an excellent 2012 biography by Nadine Cahodas, has brought additional importance to Ms. Simone’s music and the way she lived her life, to the point where writers like Tillet opine that Simone “broadened the parameters of the great American pop artist.”

“Simone’s androgynous voice, genre-breaking musicianship and political consciousness may have concerned ’60s and ’70s marketing executives and concert promoters,” Tillet writes, “but those are a huge draw for today’s gay, lesbian, black and female artists who want to […] Continue reading »


What Happened, Miss Simone?

In what Netflix says will be an “unflinching” look at her life, the video service has announced that What Happened, Miss Simone? — a documentary on the “High Preistess of Soul,” Nina Simone — will be available to subscribers sometime in 2015, possibly to coincide with the release of the controversial and unauthorized biopic starring Zoe Saldana.

In addition to being a singer of remarkable esteem, Ms. Simone described herself as a “rebel with a cause.” Deeply impacted by the events of the civil rights movement, she became an activist who expressed support for a violent revolution and whose alienation toward America ultimately […] Continue reading »