• The publication of Arya Jenkins’ “LULU AND ME” is the 13th in a series of short stories she has been commissioned to write for Jerry Jazz Musician. 


  • In Robbie Robertson’s entertaining biography Testimony, the rock guitarist tells a short story about a conversation he overheard Bob Dylan having with The Byrd’s Jim (a.k.a. “Roger”) McGuinn concerning John Coltrane’s influence on McGuinn when he wrote “Eight Miles High.” 

  • Robert Hecht remembers his trip to Kansas City, and the impact it has had on his life 



  • An appreciation for the poetry of Mike Faran, who passed away in December
  • "Lulu and Me" - a story by Arya Jenkins
  • Dylan, The Byrds, and John Coltrane
  • "Bird Lives" -- a memory of Charlie Parker's K.C.
  • "The Passing of a Poet"

A short history of A Charlie Brown Christmas

From one of the best websites on the net — Pitchfork — comes a short history of the now famous A Charlie Brown Christmas television special, originally aired on CBS in December of 1965 with, according to writer Ron Hart, “a surprising amount of controversy.”   

Hart writes that “much of the crew fretted over the quality of the product, which was completed just 10 days shy of its air date. [Director Bill] Melendez was said to be embarrassed of the final cut, while executives fretted over the cartoon’s darker themes of depression, anxiety, alienation, secularism and, perhaps above all,

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Quiz Show » Jazz History Quiz

Jazz History Quiz #107

According to BMI, “The Christmas Song”(a.k.a. “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”) is the most performed Christmas song, made especially famous by Nat Cole.  The song was written, according to one of the co-writers, during a blistering hot summer, and in an effort “to stay cool by thinking cool.”  Bob Wells was one of the songwriters of this classic 1945 tune…Who was his co-writer?


Mel Torme

Irving Berlin

Cole Porter

Bing Crosby

Benny Goodman

George Gershwin

Lionel Hampton

Duke Ellington

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“White Christmas” trivia

In an effort to get into the Christmas spirit, a revisit of Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” is a seasonal requisite.  It percolates around the house for a couple of spins, leads to an Ella tune here, a Nat Cole there…before you know it much of an entire afternoon is spent attempting to find something, anything, that will capture the season’s enthusiasm so elusive this year.  

This year the tune inspired some Internet surfing about the 1954 film that net neutrality seamlessly allows…I landed on some interesting trivia about the film found at the Regal Cinema’s website.  Among the items listed, many obvious but welcome reminders:

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