• The publication of Arya Jenkins’ “VOODOO RUN” is the twelfth in a series of short stories she has been commissioned to write for Jerry Jazz Musician.

  • This extended excerpt from Ean Wood’s 2000 biography The Josephine Baker Story looks at the debate surrounding the issue of morality and entertainment that took place in Austria during her 1928 tour. The fascinating story — featuring economics, politics and religion — is a reminder of the complexity of the time in which she lived, and ends with a wonderfully ironic punchline.

  • In this edition, Paul features album covers of his favorite pop singers of the 1950’s 



  • Ms. Hawbaker’s story is the winner of the 45th Jerry Jazz Musician Short Fiction Contest.

  • "Voodoo Run" - A short story by Arya Jenkins
  • A Moment in Time: Josephine Baker, Vienna, 1928
  • Cover Stories, with Paul Morris; Vol. 22
  • "Last Stop with Louis Armstrong," by Laura Hawbaker
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Jazz History Quiz #98

This pianist – known for his tasteful swinging and bop-based style – was Ella Fitzgerald’s regular accompanist from 1963 – 1965, and again from 1968 – 1978. Who was he?

Harold Mabern

Bobby Timmons

Barry Harris

Hank Jones

Oscar Peterson

Elmo Hope

Tommy Flanagan

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