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“The Trailblazer” — a poem (for Anita O’Day) by Freddington






The Trailblazer

(for Anita O’Day)

Her name practically scats itself,
Say it out loud, and you’re on your way,
It’s a grand stand big band criss-cross delivery,
An overnight town to town swing set deluxe,
One night here, another night there,
A quick draw flat top jitterbug prance,
In two tone brogues and wide lapels,
She’s cooking with gas, brother,
A percolating package in a vest with stripes,
She’s earltown applejack and a blue gardenia,
A cool breeze on a taxi ride uptown,
The swingingest chick there ever was!




Freddington works as a shipper/receiver in Toronto, Canada, and has been a lifelong jazz fan ever since he was “corrupted” as a teenager by Charles Mingus’ “Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting.”