The art of John Allinson




“Piano and Sax,” by John Allinson





In his description of Welsh painter John Allinson’s work “House of Dreams” – a mural in progress “celebrating a viewpoint of entertainment as an art form” that will eventually be 1000 feet wide – the art critic Rex Harley wrote that “a host of artists and entertainers emerge from a swirl of colours, in the same way that their counterparts stepped out from the stream of history to entertain and enrich our lives.” 

This is also an apt view of Allinson’s prolific and noteworthy interpretations of jazz ensembles.  His work evokes appropriate nostalgia and sentimentality while expressing passion for the culture of jazz music by surrounding his striking characters in rich textures, subdued light, and understated movement.  Scenes depict classic New Orleans ensembles as well as New York bebop groups, and also include blues and folk scenes.

A few examples of his work follow, and you can view 31 of his paintings by clicking here.


“Bar Jazz”


“Interplay Trio”


“First Set Quartet”


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