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“Jacko and Jim” — a poem by Robert Nisbet



Jacko and Jim


Jacko the Jazzman, office hack,
computer screen by day. At nights
he roams the pubs and village halls,
blowing his sax’s rise and fall.

The church, its restoration fund.
(That building bathed in history).
Jacko and they raise funds, that night,
that winter, Jazz by Candlelight.

Jim Devotee basks in the sounds,
the candles, altar, scents and light,
the husky sax, the wail, the call,
the ragtime, boogie of it all.

He’s near recumbent on the pew.
His foot beats time, be-doo, be-doo .
Jazz sidles at a lackadaisy pace
down aisles and byways of the spirit’s grace.



First appeared in San Pedro River Review, Spring 2018







Robert Nisbet is a Welsh poet who lives just 30 miles along the coast from Dylan Thomas’s Boathouse. Although he does not see himself as unduly competitive, he has just won the Prole Pamphlet Competition with Robeson, Fitzgerald and Other Heroes from which ‘The Ella Fitzgerald Song Book’ is taken. It is available from the publisher at