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“Jazz Guitar Chronicles 7” — a poem by John Stupp



Jazz Guitar Chronicles 7


It doesn’t help
that my guitar starts complaining
a 1935 Epiphone Broadway
probably had owners who were better players before me
and probably was in show business
when there was such a business
and probably traveled the world with Sinatra and his handsome pals
and crowds of skinny women
let’s try to make the best of it ok
you’re in Pittsburgh now
I won’t stick a cord in your back
if you cooperate with your intonation and yes
I will get you a new fret job
I didn’t know how you felt about
Sweet Georgia Brown
in A flat
but here’s the thing
if I stand you in the corner it’s for your own good
I will play The Things We Did Last Summer
soon enough
when the skies go silent and the thunder stops
I promise
I promise
until death do us part
is that what you want to hear Sugar Lips?
Baby? Kitten?





John Stupp’s third poetry collection Pawleys Island was published in 2017 by Finishing Line Press. His manuscript Summer Job won the 2017 Cathy Smith Bowers Poetry Prize and will be published in 2018 by Main Street Rag. He lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From 1975-1985 he worked professionally as a mediocre jazz guitarist.