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“His Sound is Sacred” — a poem by Michael L. Newell



painting by Rudy Gutierrez


he blows a mighty sound
     lifts every roof within hearing skyward
     lilts and sets every foot dancing
           mourns and a sea of tears flows
           raves and all rise in righteous anger
           joy prayer hope despair 
                   whispers and elicits tears
                  he speaks through a horn of plenty
                       that touches all that is human
                       unleashes all for which we yearn
                       a titan his horn defines all we
                       might be   etches aspiration in sound
he is Big John the one and only
            Trane coming down the tracks of sound
                        on fire high low and in between
            John Coltrane
            with a sound supreme
Michael L. Newell, an expatriate English/Theatre teacher for twenty years, retired to the south-central Oregon coast in 2014.  Among his published works are Traveling without Compass or Map (Bellowing Ark Press, 2006), A Long Time Traveling (Four-Sep Publications, 2004), Seeking Shelter (Four-Sep Publications, 2004), and A Stranger to the Land (Garden Street Press, 1997).  He has loved jazz for over fifty years.