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Gary Giddins…on Cecil Taylor



“I accept the responsibility of having made them (choices).  I’m talking about the small part I’m playing in the evolution of music, the gift that has been given to me, to have seen spiritualized the mysteries of the music at an early age.  This made my actions predestined.  One has to become aware of the force, both realistic and spiritual.  It’s about hard work, which is about living to the full extent of one’s capabilities.”

– Cecil Taylor

1929 – 2018



In 2003, as part of the Jerry Jazz Musician “Conversations with Gary Giddins” series, I was fortunate to interview Giddins — his generation’s most esteemed jazz writer — about Cecil Taylor, who died earlier today at age 89.  It is an excellent read for anyone with an interest in Cecil (or Gary). You can access it by clicking here.


Ben Ratliff’s obituary in today’s New York Times can be accessed by clicking here.