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“Toots Thielemans” — a poem by Roger Singer



An open free reed.
The winds of blues under
Paris lights.  Crystal rain.
Wool overcoats and hats.
Long night highways.
Corner clubs.  Dark alleys.
Berets and cowboy hats.
Whiskey and ice.
The maker of sound. 
The angel of harmonicas.
The voice of Bluesette and
the heart of midnight Cowboy.
His throne was a stool.
A golden twist of the lips.
Gabriel’s touch with the tongue.
The air of spirits, a magic





Roger Singer is a prolific and accomplished contributing poet who we have proudly published for well over ten years.  Singer has had almost 800 poems published in magazines, periodicals and online journals — 400 of which are jazz poems — and has recently self-published a Kindle edition of his book of jazz poetry called Poetic Jazz.

“Jazz poetry flows out with such ease,” Singer writes on his blog. “The people and places, the alleys and sawdust jazz clubs. The stories that bring jazz alive with horns and voices, from sadness and grief to highs at midnight and love gone wrong. The jazz is within us all. Find your poem and feel the music.”





Toots Thielemans and Jaco Pastorious play “Three Views of a Secret”