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“Pizzazz Curator” — a poem by Alan Campbell

painting by Mark Kazav




Pizzazz Curator


Excursions in free-fixed melodic,
A quirk-offering; dust of suitcase-bearing dreams
Plucking away sobriety in taps of steps
Blending day chords with night rhythms
An immediate perfume, instinctively
simultaneous, splash-knitting, jazz.

A shell-cracking acute accent
Euphonic sonic authenticity
– the slapping twist of smooth, combusted, metabolised notes
paddling toward islands, esoteric soul colonies –
terrain of terrific flats and quintessential sharps.
Slaving agreeably to cadence
Adrenalised on the lyrical weave of notation – inhaling out-breaths;
respiration-forming mind-alterations.
Nourishing tissue sparkling, ducts sprinkling tears
Emanation, effervescing, jazz.




Alan John Campbell is a poet who hails from Scotland, near Glasgow. He’s been published in print and online in such outlets and periodicals as The Trove (of The Subsynchronous Press), Lunaris Review, The Old Red Kimono, Poetry Scotland, The Cannon’s Mouth, The Lincoln Underground, Octavius, The Seventh Quarry and Visual Verse among others. His work has also appeared three times with Lost Tower Publications. He aspires to producing a first jazz poetry collection which will express the ineffable spurts of the rhythmic lifeblood of that jazz pulse.