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“A Long Line” — a poem by Roger Singer


“Jazz – Hot Swing” by Sacha Chimkevitch





Jazz rich,

falling water
a stream of story’s
open bleeding
years releasing pain
backside alleys
whispers without words
tan and white
the fall from grace
songs without names
clubs full of night
sweaty collars
satin magnolias
a song to wound
lazy fans pushing
sawdust floors
ice cubes and lies
washed out dreams
spirit words
rivers and diners
charcoal nights
the beat that breathes
the jazz that lives




Roger Singer is a prolific and accomplished contributing poet who we have proudly published for well over ten years.  Singer has had almost 800 poems published in magazines, periodicals and online journals — 400 of which are jazz poems — and has recently self-published a Kindle edition of his book of jazz poetry called Poetic Jazz.

“Jazz poetry flows out with such ease,” Singer writes on his blog. “The people and places, the alleys and sawdust jazz clubs. The stories that bring jazz alive with horns and voices, from sadness and grief to highs at midnight and love gone wrong. The jazz is within us all. Find your poem and feel the music.”