The Healing Power of Jazz



Phil Young in the film The Healing Power of Jazz





“Music can change people’s lives.  Mozart knew it.  Beethoven knew it.  Miles Davis knew it. Dizzy Gillespie knew it.  Music is what’s important.  It’s giving me life, and it is giving other people hope.”  That is the message from seventy-year-old jazz drummer Phil Young, spoken during The Healing Power of Jazz, an emotional and enriching short film by Jay Dockendorf and Kenny Sule. 

“Music has a very healing energy,” Young says.  “It deals with a force.  It’s vibrations.”  He tells a story of how music helped a wounded soldier who “preferred to be dead” because he could no longer see nor hear, until he felt “the vibration” of music “driving through his [hospital] bed post.  He realized there was life still.”

Want to feel better about the world?  Check this four minute film out.  You can view it by clicking here.