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“me, Jan Garbarek, and you” — a poem by Dan Franch

Raekoja Plats, Tallinn, Estonia





“me, Jan Garbarek, and you”


snow fell
like notes from
Jan Garbarek’s saxophone
as we stood in Raekoja Plats

drinking mulled wine and marveling
at the size of the Christmas tree.

It was crowded and festive; sure,
there was a holiday feel
but not the kind that moves me

the buskers, revelers, piped-in music;
it was all too cheerful, didn’t make me merry

I just wanted to get back home –
to a blanket. to the fire. with you.
and listen to the silent spaces
created by his saxophone.






Originally from the Chicagoland area, Dan Franch has lived and taught in America, Africa, and Europe. A former newspaper columnist and cartoonist in Luxembourg, Dan, who now lives in Estonia, does his best to continue traveling, writing, and staying fit.