“All is Heard in Painting” — the art of Jazzamoart


“Jam Charlie Parker Miles Davis”





“In a world where everything happens quickly — information, political events, ecological catastrophes, celebrity scandals — art is consolidated as one of the main values that rescues us, which saves us from chaos and existential misfortune.”

– Jazzamoart




The visual artist Jazzamoart of Guanajuato, Mexico has long enticed serious jazz collectors with his uncommon, audacious, and joyful paintings. Possibly the most important expressionist artist interpreting jazz, the critic Antonio Rodriguez wrote that Jazzamoart’s paintings “are reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s style and the expression takes from the horrorific elements of Willem de Kooning’s work,” while Jose Luis Cuevas describes it as “if he were a mad jazz dancer who discovers the origins of the earth every time his toe dips into it.”  His color-filled work includes abstract interpretations of musicians and the settings they perform in.  The musicians often wear masks which symbolize, according to the artist, “the multiplicity of human identity, that life is improvisation and invention.”


Examples of his work follow…You can view much more at his website by clicking here.




“Orquesta de tacones rojos”



“Cuarteto Vincent Van Bop”




“Cuarteto Rembrant”



“Las Beboperas”




“El Bop de JAVJEBS”




“Piano bar minimalista”







Visual artist with a rhythmic expressionist language, closely related to music. Representative of the Mexican painting 50th generation. With dozens of national and international awards and considered by art critics as a prolific and versatile artist. Jazzamoart has presented his work in about five hundred exhibitions in Mexico, USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, South Korea and Japan. His visual improvisations and scenes have accompanied on stage main exponents of Mexican and American jazz. As an illustrator and drummer has worked in several books, CD’s, LP’s. He has been a member of the National System of Art Creators CONACULTA