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“Far Cry” — a poem by Ed Coletti


Far Cry

Eric Dolphy blowing out little curlicues
Booker Little baby-burping back to him
trumpeted weird diminutive 2-way messaging
thump thump thump and thump again
bass bass you grandfather clock clocking
that piano cock cocking cocksure piano
like a duck quack quacking
but it’s that bass steady deep bass gives
giving sense of steady purpose
purple double bass oxblood sure and steady
trumprupting burst bursting
back to sax and Eric Dolphy blowing
no more endearing little curlicues.







Ed Coletti is a poet widely published internationally and he curates the popular blog “No Money In Poetry.”  Additionally, Ed is a painter. middling chess player, and harmonica player.  He lives with his wife Joyce in Santa Rosa, California.  His upcoming book is titled Apollo Blue’s Hard and The Gods of Spring.