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“Portugués (for Astrud Gilberto)” — a poem by Ed Coletti



(for Astrud Gilberto)


This truly foreign language
              absorbs me into its differences,

rosetta stone hidden
              in a cave of similarities

certain words share
              with those of spanish

linda    corazon    feliz
             pretty  heart      happy

restless as a willow
             in a windstorm,

Astrud tan tall young
                            love,    you go girl

to Ipanema, your name
              teutonic      oxymoronic,

Astrud Gilberto you
              girl from Ipanema

so lovely your alto

Astrud, you girl
              tall tan lovely

spring feverish

a nightingale
              without a song to sing.

 You’re as pretty as a baby
              on a swing and you feel

so giddy,
             a robin on its wing

and I’m expecting

the less decipherable
              the portuguese

with its likeness
             to the spanish

But you you’re as busy
              as a spider spinning daisies

in ingles, so it might as well
              be spring — dee-dee  doo-doo







Ed Coletti is a poet widely published internationally and he curates the popular blog “No Money In Poetry.”  Additionally, Ed is a painter. middling chess player, and harmonica player.  He lives with his wife Joyce in Santa Rosa, California.  His upcoming book is titled Apollo Blue’s Hard and The Gods of Spring.