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“A Brubeck Landscape” — a poem by Michael L. Newell




all day a light breeze baptizes the landscape
gentle and captivating as a Paul Desmond solo
bushes rap windows and walls with rhythms

unusual and unexpected that Joe Morello would

approve would groove to and trees sway with
the steady grace of Eugene Wright on bass
while the sun gazes with the profound majesty

of Brubeck esteeming all he observes as

he constantly shifts levels of warmth and finally
fades coolly away at end of day all participants
in day’s concert barely visible and audible in dusk





Michael L. Newell is a retired secondary school English/Theatre teacher who has lived one-third of his life abroad on five continents.  He is passionate about a wide range of music, jazz being a particular favorite.  He now lives on the south-central Oregon coast.