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“The Jazz DJ (remixed)” — a poem by Sabrina Cold Mountain

“Jazz Club” by Camille Alazet




The Jazz DJ (remixed) [11/10/10]



In the hazy glow of streetlights through the window
the jazz man sits
drinking in the music
sipping slowly with his mind

He thinks of all the past loves
the broken promises
the unpaid bills
and what tomorrow will bring . . . 

Burns it all away with the cigarette’s last breath,
soothed by the sweet salve of the song




It’s midnight once again—
we know we’ll both be there,
where the sounds of jazz make cool the summer night.

We meet here at the end of the drudgery day
and in these darkest hours of deepest night,
the quarters of the heart where loneliness keeps house,
the music is the light that keeps tomorrow necessary





Sabrina Cold Mountain is a “jill-of-all-trades” from Dallas, TX to whom there is no such thing as a boring subject. Her favorite pursuits are creativity in many forms, and music; her first love is jazz. She is adopted by two feline fur-kids whom she exposed to music at an early age, and dreams of being the next Beat Poet.