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“The Runner” — a poem (for John Coltrane) by Freddington

“John Coltrane,” by Olga Tsarkova



The Runner
for John Coltrane

The purpose of motion begins,
A clear mind, aware and in focus,
Ahead, the optical pathway lies empty and silent,
Slow at the start, breathing steady,
Stepping through the changes,
Favouring a motif,
Blowing hard,
As the intensity builds,
Conscious thoughts enter and leave,
The pace quickens,
The focus narrows,
Fatigue is discarded,
The finish line’s in sight, and then it isn’t,
Mind, fingers, and saxophone converge,
Accelerating together,
All differences abandoned,
Only the journey remains,
Travelling at light speed,
Towards the beginning,
The reason for Jazz,
The compulsion to build,
The need to create.


c.Freddington, 2017






Freddington works as a shipper/receiver in Toronto, Canada, and has been a lifelong jazz fan ever since he was “corrupted” as a teenager by Charles Mingus’ “Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting.”