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Two poems…by Lawrence J. Klumas



“Girl with Saxophone” by Katya Gridneva




Saxophone Girl

She sat comfortably cross-legged

On a straightback chair,

Outside the small studio practice room

To avoid the heat

Of the sun’s late afternoon baking rays,

Under a shady jacaranda tree.

Her practice book propped on the tall easel,

Golden saxophone glinting —

With delicate movements of fingers,

Relaxed muscles in her cheeks,

She did not miss a note,

Even after the repetition might

Have tired her mouth.

Her clear relaxed sliding scales

Remained golden true.

A delightful exhibition of

Patience and skill.






The B-side of Life


The A-side of life was to be

            the preferred one.

It had all the preparation,

            all the work and effort

            all the detailed planning,

To make it a success.

The announcements of this selection

Blared with fanfare,

Resounded with media coverage.

It should have succeeded.


But sometimes the alternate B-side,

The one selected with less anticipation,

With a simpler comfort level,

And this choice,

            became the bigger

Success in life, became

The most desirable hit.







Lawrence J. Klumas is a retired USAF officer, an engineer, a Viet Nam veteran, and a past Assoc VP Occidental College (Facilities).  He has a BS In Business Administration from Eastern Nazarene College, and both a BS and MS in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University.

He has written poetry since 1958, and continued writing modestly, but, most recently re-immersed himself in writing with a passion.  He has been published in Que scais-je, Diocesan Messenger, currently reading at Writers Read in Fallbrook CA. He contributes a weekly poem to the Episcopal newsletter.

He and his wife Janet split their time between Gig Harbor, Washington and Fallbrook CA.