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Two poems by Lawrence J. Klumas



Chris Connor






Where have all the flowers gone?

Have I been asleep?

The brilliant yellow sunshine crispness of
            June Christy….
The seductive red rouge intimacy of
            Jeri Southern…
The smooth rich rose caress of
           Julie London…
Varieties no longer.

Have I been dozing?

The subtle tinged black deep maroon smolder of
            Peggy Lee…
The crisp clean white focus of
            Anita O’Day…
The tightly scaled variegated antics of
          Annie Ross
Unseen… out of sight.

The original bright orange phrasings of
            Chris Connor…

It is too late to appreciate
These flowers





Ballad in a Sad Cafe

You can not go
       to the Sad Cafe
You must go with a friend.
You must leave alone.
You will leave alone.
While you are there
       The ballad
       will hurt you.
It will
       rasp across
       your soft
       and you will bleed.
Then you will know
       you have been
       to the Sad Cafe.
You will know.

I have been there.





Lawrence J. Klumas is a retired USAF officer, an engineer, a Viet Nam veteran, and a past Assoc VP Occidental College (Facilities).  He has a BS In Business Administration from Eastern Nazarene College, and both a BS and MS in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University.

He has written poetry since 1958, and continued writing modestly, but, most recently re-immersed himself in writing with a passion.  He has been published in Que scais-je, Diocesan Messenger, currently reading at Writers Read in Fallbrook CA. He contributes a weekly poem to the Episcopal newsletter.

He and his wife Janet split their time between Gig Harbor, Washington and Fallbrook CA.