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“Chet Baker Sang” – a poem by John McCluskey

photo by Richard Avedon



Chet Baker Sang

in velvety slender voice
thin on gender identification
thick with fracture-able delicacy

scared it could fall away forever at it’s very next note.

Wispy high clouds of mellifluous tones,
you shatter all comfort in how securely  
a crumbly honeyed hope
should be delivered.

Tumble down
the sugared stairs,
My Funny Valentine.
You too, Little Girl Blue,

the ear awaits the pitch of pain.


“Little Girl Blue”
About John McCluskey
John McCluskey works in the IT industry and lives in Connecticut with his family.  He has had poetry, short fiction, and photography published in various literary journals and anthologies including Quill & Parchment, The Red Booth Review, Inkwell, Lullwater Review, The Dirty Goat, The Griffin, One For The Road, and Cradle Songs: an Anthology on Motherhood Poems. John’s poem “My Gray Child” from Cradle Songs was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and read at a poetry reading in Santa Fe by actor Tony Huston
Tony Huston reads John McCluskey’s “My Gray Child”