• The feature, titled “Bill Evans:  Intellect. Emotion. Communication” is an entertaining and (unsurprisingly) intelligent read, involving thoughts about the poetry of William Blake, Zen philosophy, being “anti-hipster”, life in Louisiana, his time with Miles Davis, golf, how the army shook up his confidence, and his own philosophy

  • The publication of Arya Jenkins’ “VOODOO RUN” is the twelfth in a series of short stories she has been commissioned to write for Jerry Jazz Musician.

  • This truly foreign language
                  absorbs me into its differences,



  • Ms. Hawbaker’s story is the winner of the 45th Jerry Jazz Musician Short Fiction Contest.

  • The December 1960 Down Beat story on Bill Evans
  • "Voodoo Run" - A short story by Arya Jenkins
  • “Portugués (for Astrud Gilberto)” — a poem by Ed Coletti
  • "Last Stop with Louis Armstrong," by Laura Hawbaker
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Jazz History Quiz #103

This pianist was a founding member of the Jazz Epistles, and was nicknamed “South Africa’s Monk”?  Who is he?


Phineas Newborn

Ahmad Jamal

Randy Weston

Albert Ammons

Dollar Brand

Roland Hanna


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Features » In Memoriam

Monk is 100 today

We have stood over record bins, thumbing through his records, moved by his breathtaking originality and creativity.

We have made friends over his music, made love to it, cruised in the car to it, introduced our children to it, and defended it against those who don’t quite comprehend his genius.

We love the emotions his music brings out in us – joy, tears, humor, inspiration.

We continue to sit up when we hear “Straight, No Chaser,” marvel at the brilliance of

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A pioneer of San Francisco jazz

A buddy of mine led me to a recent feature in the San Francisco Chronicle on early 20th Century pianist Sid Le Protti, described by writer Gary Kamiya as “one of the leading black musicians who played on the Barbary Coast” whose “life and career provide a window into a mostly forgotten but fascinating chapter of the city’s cultural and racial history.”

The story is a terrific profile of the artist, but also of the city’s rich

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